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A few words to “thank you”!!  We are so very thankful for your graciousness in helping us with the water/iron problem we’ve had for going on 8 years, living here.  Being taken and lied to so many times we are so very much appreciative for how you made it possible for us to have the best water since we’ve lived here.  May the Lord continue to bless in your life and business.  I’m so grateful to the gentlemen that sent us your way.  I can’t begin to tell you, how every day I see 100 percent difference in the water as I look at cups (no iron) being able to fill the washer one time with clear water instead of 3 times before I only got it slightly less iron looking.  So many things I can’t begin to tell you and thank you everyday.  You made life so much easier for me.

We found your card Wednesday evening - please let us know what we owe you and thanks for checking and servicing the salt system.  Sorry I’be been so late sending a “thank you”.