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WellMate 87Gal Pressure Tank

Brand: Wellmate
Product Code: WellMate 87Gal Pressure Tank
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Weight: 73.00lb
Dimensions: 0.00in x 24.00in x 55.00in

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WellMate's tanks feature corrosion-proof composite construction that require little or no maintenance, plus their light weight makes them easier and less costly to install. All materials meet stringent U.S. Requirements for water components and are NSF and/or FDA listed materials. WellMate continues its tradition of excellence by offering features and benefits steel tanks cannot match.

•Corrosion-proof composite construction 

•Little or no maintenance 

•Longer life, greater flexibility 

•Light weight 

•Replaceable air cell 

The WellMate WM-25WB is a rustproof pressure tank that is made with a blow molded, fiberglass wrapped, seamless construction. They won't rust, dent, or come apart at the seams, and a rugged base is included.

This tank now features the quick connector that snaps securely into place and is retained by an H-clip.

The WellMate WM-25WB comes with a full 5 year warranty with a one year replacement labor allowance.

Warranty 100% Craftsmanship Guarantee!

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